Applying for Verification of Your Instagram Profile

Food bloggers, your Instagram account is a visual inspiration to your followers. Stories encourage engagement with your followers and allow you to poll your followers, find ideas for your next recipe or give your followers a behind the scenes look. A verified Instagram profile is important because it lets everyone know they have the official profile for your brand.

When your Instagram account is verified, a blue checkmark badge is added next to your account name. Although Instagram does not disclose ranking factors, posts by a verified account will likely be shown more often or with more prominence than unverified accounts.

The process of verifying your Instagram profile has been simplified and is now open to everyone.

Just follow these easy steps to start verifying your Instagram Profile.

  1. Open your Instagram profile
  2. Click the menu icon
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Choose “Request Verification”
  5. Provide your full name and a copy of a government-issued photo ID that shows your name and date of birth. For a business, you might also provide the article or incorporation or another verifying business document.

Anyone can submit a request, however, Instagram will not verify every one. The larger the audience you have the more likely Instagram will verify your account.


How do I increase the odds Instagram will verify my account?

Instagram looks at a number of factors in evaluating account verification. Your Instagram account should:

  • Represent a real person or a business entity.
  • Be the unique and official presence of your brand or entity.
  • You should be well known or a highly searched for brand, person or entity.
  • Your Instagram profile bio should be filled in.
  • You should have a profile photo.
  • You should have one or more quality posts.
  • Your Instagram profile should not contain any links to other social media services.

If your request is denied, you can submit a verification request again after 30 days.


What are the advantages of Instagram Verification?

  • Getting verified by Instagram is an important signal that your brand is legitimate.
  • Users are more likely to follow a verified brand.
  • Instagram Verification will help prevent brand identity theft and assure your followers they are following the real you and not some imposter.

So what are you waiting for, apply for verification of your Instagram account!

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