It’s Time to Switch to HTTPS

Why you need HTTPS / An SSL Certificate for Your Food Blog.

Beginning with version 62 of the Chrome web browser in October 2017, any website that contains a form will be marked as not secure unless it is using HTTPS. This means Chrome will show visitors a not secure warning for just about every non-HTTPS website on the planet, including WordPress Blogs that capture visitors’ email addresses.

Since Chrome and the Chrome based Android browser together represent 60% of the desktop market and about 40% of mobile market you cannot afford to ignore this change because a significant number of your visitors will likely see the not secure warning. So, not only do you risk losing the trust of your visitors by failing to switch to HTTPS but you are losing search ranking against your competitors who have switched. Yes, you read that correctly, your organic search rank is suffering without HTTPS because Google publicly stated way back in 2014 that HTTPS is a ranking signal.

With the cost of SSL certificates now free thanks to the Let’s Encrypt project and Cloudflare, the only remaining barrier to HTTPS for most WordPress blogs is support by their hosting provider.

At, we fully support HTTPS and the HTTP/2 protocol which combined result in the faster loading of many resources in parallel on complex sites. Not only do we support HTTPS but included with all our food blog hosting plans are premium WordPress Help Requests.  We will migrate your site to HTTPS at no extra charge, following best practices our setup includes:

  • Installing a SSL Certificate
  • Setting WordPress to use HTTPS
  • Reviewing site scripts and external resources to avoid mixed content warnings
  • Setting proper redirects from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Setup of a HTTPS property in Google Search Console

Get started today at, create amazing food content, while we give personal attention and care to keeping your business running.

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